PW concept ideas for those wishing to make a CoPaP world

Anyone interested in linking their PW to CoPaP can inquire here with their concerns.
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PW concept ideas for those wishing to make a CoPaP world

Post by Orleron » Tue Nov 25, 2003 3:58 pm

Whether you are just starting to make a PW, or you already have a large one constructed and running, there is always a way to fit into your niche in this place. I want to use this thread to throw out some concepts and ideas about what we're looking for.

Objective: To recreate the entire D&D setting. This means making every plane, every chunk of Wildspace, every independent campaign world, as well as Toril, Oerth, Krynn, Mystara and all the other official campaign planets and settings.

Any world that furthers the above objective is needed! Worlds can be broken down into categories: Homemade planets, Official Campaign settings, Outer Planes, Inner Planes, Transient Planes, Homemade Demiplanes, Official Demiplanes, and Spelljammer Wildspace/Phlogiston servers.

Homemade planets

This will be the bread and butter of CoPaP, most likely. A homemade planet is a campaign setting that you made on your own. It's not Forgotten Realms, or Krynn... it's your own world. Avlis is an example of this. It was used as a campaign setting by me for about 15+ years before NWN came out.

We can always use these in CoPaP, and there is no limit to the number we can have.

Official planets

Toril, Krynn, Oerth, Mystara, and any other officially released campaign setting by Wizards of The Coast or another third party gaming company. Some of these, like Toril even have subdivisions... Kara Tur, Maztica, Al Qadim, etc.

Anyone who does these is also welcome in CoPaP, but there are some catches. First of all, re-creating any one of these things is going to be a TON of work and require a LOT of server space. If you think about the PW called ALFA, they are ONLY trying to recreate the Forgotten Realms, and it is proving to be a monumental task that will take years and years. The CoPaP version of Forgotten Realms will be a tiny tiny piece of entire whole, yet it alone will likely be as large as ALFA at its peak, if this succeeds, and ALFA will need well over 50 servers to do what it needs to do.

So, no one person will be doing a whole campaign setting to themselves. We WILL however most likely have a single coordinator for all the servers that fall under that world. So in the future we would like to get a FR coordinator, a Greyhawk coordinator, etc.

**Coordinator positions will only be given to seasoned veterans of successful PW's only. They are not recommended for people who are just learning to do the toolset or play NWN. A person with superb organizational skills and a LOT of people working under them will probably do fine though, if they aren't proficient at building directly.

**There can only be ONE.... CoPaP will not have 5 Baldur's Gates and 3 Candlekeeps. It will have one. These servers are important and petitions to do them will be accepted only by those who can prove they know how to build a PW well. That's the other catch.

Currently, CoPaP only has a coordinator for the Mystara campaign setting, Ferus. We do not have any others and are looking for such individuals willing to do this.

Outer Planes

One of the things that excites me the most is servers that do only one outer plane. There is so much potential in these servers because they can be linked to MANY other CoPaP servers with very little effort of plot.

If you want to do one of these kinds of servers, we really want your company. Ideas include doing a layer of hell, or the Abyss, or the Seven Heavens. Making a whole PW for a single outer plane or a single layer of an outer plane is a kickass concept, IMHO, and it's a good way to get our attention.

Inner Planes

Almost equally exciting, these would present quite a challenge. The NWN engine is not too good at representing underwater areas, or other kinds of elemental environments. Whoever did a server like this could make it an elemental pocket in another elemental plane. For example, their world could be an earth pocket or ball in the Plane of Air, or an earth ball in the Plane of Fire. Almost all of them will need earth involved somehow so people can walk around. NWN does not do the 3-dimensional travel needed in pure elemental areas.

The other problem with these would be the harsh nature of the plane. A fire plane better have a script that burns all players who are not wearing fire protection. That kind of thing. If you made a server like that, it might be too harsh and you might have trouble getting players, so you'd have to think of ways around it.

But nonetheless, these would be welcome additions to CoPaP.

Transient Planes

There are 3 transient planes: Astral, Ethereal, and Shadow

Anything that does one of these would be very welcome AND cool. There are some GREAT haks coming out that give renditions of the Shadow Plane. Ethereal would be easy with the right fog effects. Astral would need earth pockets, like the plane of Air example above... and it would need some kind of funky umbilical cord hak.

One idea for Shadow and Ethereal is to take an already existing PW and remake some of its areas in a shadowy or ethereal version. For example, do a Shadow Rockhome, so PC's on Rockhome could jump into the shadow plane, travel a few areas, and come out at a great distance away on the real Rockhome, just like in the spell Shadow Walk.

Homemade Demiplanes

This is exactly like homemade worlds. They are your own creation. They just aren't a planet in space, but rather a pocket plane in another plane.

Best examples of these would be pocket planes in the Ethereal or Shadow or Astral. Transient planes are the most common places to have pocket planes. These will probably be secondarily the bread and butter of CoPaP, as I said above.

Official Demiplanes

Ravenloft is the most well known example of these. We would recommend a coordinator for these if someone is doing an officially documented area, like Straad's palace for example, or Lord Soth's realm. But places like Ravenloft are build so that any kind of plane can be made up, or even created and owned by a PC if done right.

If there are any other official demiplanes, they are welcome too.

Spelljammer Wildspace/Phlogiston

These servers will be the most highly novel and coolest of them all in some respects. They will also be HIGHLY important in getting from planet to planet.

The details of spelljammers are too long to go into, but in a nutshell Spelljammers is D&D space travel. Getting in a magically powered boat that can take you into space, and going to other planets. Flying from Krynn to Toril would be something you could do with spelljammers. All the planets in CoPaP are assumed to exist in their own Crystal Spheres of space floating in a sea of phlogiston ether. Making space servers to connect these planets is something we REALLY need, and would be more than happy about if one applied to join.

Currently, CoPaP has two planes, Ysgard and Abyss, being worked on. We have one FR server, one Mystara server, and a host of homemade worlds. So as you can see, there is plenty of room!

Novel Ideas

Novel ideas can be presented too, but we'll need to give careful consideration.

One novel idea is to make CoPaP not only exist in all space and reality, but also in time. Being able to time travel to a modern server would be very damn cool, but it would present many issues that we have not looked at yet.... such as the fact that our minimum hakpak size would triple, or how we would handle people bringing back laser guns into the past. But I would still consider it if it came to that, just because it's a really cool idea.

So there you have it. Feel free to post ideas and suggestions of your own.

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Post by mariadoc » Sat Dec 11, 2004 2:23 pm

Time Travel would be magnificient, but it presents much issues indeed. Maybe if there would be a Time travel-concept, we can build a portal that refuses to ship future weapons. Is this already discussed yet? some friends of mine are thinking of building a PW that plays in the Renaissance...
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Post by Fessuy » Wed Apr 05, 2006 6:38 pm

Iron City will present a futuristic setting (if accepted to confederation of course).

To deal with Hak size we plan to use CEP 2.0 to the full (and a little imagination of course). Remember that energy weapons required energy! So they will not function properly, or for any long period of time in other worlds where e-clips (Energy Clips) are not found.
Also knowledge of advance technology will not do you any good in a place where all the simplest components are all crafted by hand :lol: (just think about building a car with only wood and rocks available).

Now that I think about it, it will be like time traveling back in time without the fear of becoming your own great, great, great grandfather!

Ok enough talking, my little Mephit over my shoulder is sending me back to work.

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