Questions on Class integration

Anyone interested in linking their PW to CoPaP can inquire here with their concerns.
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Questions on Class integration

Post by Mithrom » Fri Mar 12, 2004 12:03 pm

Hello, currently the PW that I'm participating in building is debating whether or not to apply for membership to Copap. We're still quite aways off from having anything substantial done, but we thought we'd go ahead and resolve this rather large question early if we could.

One of the issues confronting is, we've modified some of the character classes to bring them up to 3.5 rules, most especially the Ranger, who now has a d8 hit die, more skill points, and some rogue feats like Evasion and Hide in Plain Sight (at a high level of course). We feel this change is important to make the ranger a truly viable choice and do not want to change that. However, because of the extra skill points, the default Bioware character enforcer rejects the Ranger for having too many. Does or will Copap take this kind of thing into consideration, or if we wished to integrate, would we have to do away with the changes to core classes?

Also, your rules are somewhat vague and led to some confusion on the matter of ILR. Is this of a necessity turned on, or can another system be put in place to keep magical items out of low level's hands?

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Post by Red Golem » Fri Mar 12, 2004 3:44 pm

Modification of the core classes would present a great problem. Core class modification is a .2da change that needs to be on the client and server side of each world. Players from other worlds would not be validated for your world, nor would players from your world be validated on other worlds unless you have the same .2da for the classes. Having a world that no one from outside can go to, and no one from inside can get out from would pretty much defeat any benefits your world would pick up from being in CoPaP.
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Post by Mithrom » Sun Mar 14, 2004 10:43 am

Darnit, that's what I was worried about. Thanks anyways for the information Red Golem, and on an aside, great work with the race generator. Very useful and intuitive. :)

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