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by slave.of.emotions
Mon Feb 07, 2005 10:12 am
Forum: CoPaP: Development
Topic: Arborea looking for tilesets, any good advice?
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A good though Large tileset is SS Miridor or any of the other Super Sets by Lodrezzon all of which integrate well together. Only that mirador is buged in some way, even if evryone thinks that it is not so. I have used haks of similar sizes...
by slave.of.emotions
Sun Feb 06, 2005 4:50 am
Forum: Outlands
Topic: Outlands Open Beta
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Sine i did not recive my activation for the forums since 2 days i will just post here what i found, perhaps someone can forward it to the bug section of the outlands forums. I made a Tiefling and after logging back in i noitced that he had both, Tiefling trails and still hi...
by slave.of.emotions
Sun Jan 30, 2005 3:37 pm
Forum: Tairis'nàdur News
Topic: "DM event for lower level PCs"
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I am very new to Avlis and COPAP, and would enjoy the chance to meet other new characters. sign me up for this event please. My character Evalyn is lv 6 rogue. Please let me know when it will be and how to get there. Thanks :) And you will need 3 haks that are not part of avlis, you can find them h...
by slave.of.emotions
Sat Jan 22, 2005 9:25 am
Forum: CoPaP: General Discussion
Topic: Are EA and Abyss linked with any other worlds ?...
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Are EA and Abyss linked with any other worlds ?...

They apear on the linked servers list but no one seems to know about any portals to them and even if i ask some friends ooc that play long on COPAP if those servers are linked at all i get a no....
by slave.of.emotions
Thu Jan 20, 2005 7:02 am
Forum: Ithilla News
Topic: Ithilla alpha running briefly for test
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Are any special haks requierd ?
by slave.of.emotions
Wed Jan 19, 2005 8:08 am
Forum: CoPaP: Questions and Answers
Topic: how do i get to the worlds
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Rockhome is now in version 1.65 so you can start playing there, just if you want to play later on other servers in first line then better dont make a subrace that is not availible on that other server.